How to Help an Alcoholic?


How to Help an Alcoholic?

10:27 17 October in Treatment Choices

How to Help an Alcoholic?


People who drink too much alcohol are called Alcoholics. They suffer from alcoholism. They tend to struggle with their habit of drinking too much alcohol. Some enjoy the experience and some suffer with it a lot. They have become addicted to alcohol i.e. alcohol addiction. lets understand how to help an alcoholic


Do you want to help an alcoholic with their issues? Maybe a family member or friend? This is a guide about giving the information on how you can help them to overcome their alcohol addiction and about how they can deal with this habit.


Understanding Alcohol Addiction:


Alcohol addiction is an extreme condition for a person who drinks a lot. There are three types of alcoholic conditions which can be mild, moderate and extreme.


Though the mild and moderate alcoholic conditions can be easily treated. But still it requires attention as it can lead to extreme conditions. A person who is addicted just can’t live without it daily; they need to drink different types of alcohol. Just by a few “sips” , they want to survive. It makes them feel that they can’t survive without it.


The Effects of Alcohol Addiction on Alcoholics:


There can be many effects on the health of alcohol addiction. 



  • Short-Term Effects Of Alcohol:The-Effects-of-Alcohol-Addiction-on-AlcoholicsMood Swings
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of coordination
  • Lack of concentration
  • Reduction in body temperature
  • Low inhibitions








  • Long-Term Effects Of Alcohol:


  • Memory Loss
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Liver fibrosis
  • Stroke
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • Mouth, throat, breast, liver cancer
  • Low heartbeat
  • Understanding Issues



What you can do to help an Alcoholic?


Yes, it might be difficult for you to see your loved ones with an alcohol addiction. A lot of people want to help their friends or family members to make them leave alcohol, it might be a difficult task to do.


But with the help of a rehabilitation program it can be easy and possible. There are a lot of alcohol addiction rehabs, these rehab centers will provide all the necessities for alcoholics. You can bring the best positive feelings in alcoholics to make them overcome the addiction. There are a lot of facilities which these rehab centers will provide programs and therapies, due to which you can help your loved ones.



  • Don’t Judge an Alcoholic: Don’t show them that you are judging them, it’s a disease not a choice always remember. Some alcoholics can have a feeling of guilt after once they start their treatment from a rehab center.




  • Try talking to your loved ones: Talking with the person having alcohol addiction is always a better choice as you can show them your concern. Many alcoholics will get angry or lash out at you and will definitely deny whatever you want to tell them. They will not agree that they are addicted or there is any serious thing with that.




  • Show you care: You have to be very caring while using your words or asking them to stop and look out for rehabs. Compassionately you have to speak with them and tell them you care about them and their addiction.




  • Educate yourself on alcohol addiction: Knowing it what it is and how you can make your loved ones overcome addiction is most important. Learn about it and do research on rehabs.




  • Spend time with them: Spending time with alcoholics knowing their problems or signs of addiction, do they have mild, moderate or extreme addiction is much more important.




  • Planning for Intervention: Interventions are very useful as the alcoholics don’t understand the need of overcoming the addiction. You have to stage the intervention for their treatment. Take the help of other friends and family members who can also make them realise there is a need.




  • Know your role: You have to continuously keep an eye on them that they should not use the alcohol. Even you would only help them rest the part they have to do. They are fully responsible for their journey. Make them realise that their ignorance will hamper your relationship with them.




  • Be bold and firm: They might not listen to you nor undergoing any treatment, but you have to be firm and make them understand the need.




  • Show your support and encourage them: You can encourage them and tell them they can definitely do it and can come out from the alcoholic addiction. Be supportive.



Why some Alcoholic Ignore the Treatments:


There can be many reasons why they don’t feel of undergoing any treatment :



  • They are not ready: Yes, they don’t want to quit and they never think there is a need for any treatment to overcome their addiction. They enjoy their addiction.




  • Cost of Treatment: Many can be ignoring the issue, might they don’t want to spend on this treatment. May be having a financial crisis.




  • Impact on Job: Working people can find it difficult to leave their job or take a break and go for these treatments which might affect their reputation as well. For these reasons, Outpatient Rehab is offered by Fight Addiction.




  • Fear of Losing the relationships: They have continuous fear that they will lose their friends or families if they came to know about their addiction. 




  • Don’t know where to go: Alcoholics sometimes just don’t know where to go and whom to consult. There are a number of treatments and recovery centers available. At Fight Addiction also we take care of all needs and there is long lasting recovery.



Addiction Treatments at Fight Addiction:


There are many treatments available :


12 Steps Programs: A 12 step program is available at Fight Addiction. It makes the recovery from alcohol addiction easy.


Inpatient Rehab: Inpatient is a treatment in which an addict has to live in the rehab center for treatment where he can access the programs and therapies which will help him to recover easily.


Outpatient Rehab: Outpatient is treatment in which an addict needs not to live in the rehab center, he is free. He will do all his daily chores with treatment. All the medications would be provided to them.


We hope we have given proper guidance to your question of “How to help an alcoholic?” Still if you need any guidance or help. Please feel free to contact us at (888) 820-7985.

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