Benefits of Quitting Drinking – How quitting drinks will benefit you?


Benefits of Quitting Drinking – How quitting drinks will benefit you?

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Benefits of Quitting Drinking :


Drinking Alcohol is now a part of parties and celebrations in our society and highly acceptable. Though still it is not acceptable for some. Alcohol makes the mood happy and brings out the lives in some human beings and at the same time it is dangerous to life. It is a choice for some people for get-together with families, friends and colleagues. How these small gatherings or evening parties turn into an addiction no one comes to knows. If you have a drinking issue so this blog about the benefits of quitting drinking can surely help you.


Drinking alcohol on a large scale can create many mental and physical disorders. Quitting alcohol can work wonders on your body and soul.


Benefits of Quitting Drinking:



Mental Health Benefits: 



  • Balanced Dopamine level:



Excess of alcohol consumption increases the level of dopamine in the brain, due to which you feel happy and get pleasure. When you start quitting alcohol, the dopamine level becomes normal. Quitting normalizes the level of dopamine and in early stages you will feel sad and decrease in the courage.



  • Increase in Serotonin:  



Alcohol consumption in large amounts decreases the production of serotonin in the brain which is responsible for normal moods and wellbeing. Due to this decrease in serotonin, you feel depressed. Quitting alcohol will boost serotonin production in the body and 



  • Regeneration of frontal lobe: 



Drinking alcohol affects your mental health. It fully creates imbalance in mental equilibrium. Many years of consumption of alcohol can poorly affect the frontal lobe which handles a lot of crucial functions in the body like memory, behaviour, reasoning, etc.



Drinking excess alcohol can cause memory loss, and a person is not able to think due to the effect on the frontal lobe. So quitting drinking can heal this part cell growth will increase and eventually mental health of an addicted person will be better.


Giving up on alcohol would keep your brain away from all the intoxicants and would refresh your brain. Due to your mental abilities of thinking, new ideas of activities and you can rejoice your life in a new manner. Liver will also function better. Liver will also live more.


Physical Health Benefits: 



  • Weight Loss: Drinking Alcohol can increase your body weight. Quitting drinking can cut down the fat from your body. There would be a significant change in your personality and looks. Muscles would be stronger. Beer belly would go and you will feel young and active. Lifestyle would totally change. Also metabolism rate will also increase with a decrease in consumption of alcohol. 




  • Glowing Skin: There would be a noticeable change in skin as alcohol tends to dehydrates the skin making it look unhealthy and aged. Quitting alcohol would help in absorption of  more vitamins and making your skin look great and healthy.




  • A Better Sleep: Alcohol reduces the quantity of sleep. Most people have this thing in mind that more alcohol would provide a better sleep but that’s not true the quality of sleep also degrades with the consumption of alcohol. 




  • More Energy: Quitting alcohol would rejuvenate your body and would give you more energy. As alcohol destroys the proper sleep creates drowsiness all day, quitting will give more energy and motivation.



Benefits in your Sex Life:


Coming to how quitting alcohol can benefit your sex life, as if you drink less and you will get good sleep make you look good physically. You become physically active. Drinking alcohol creates dehydration and which give a rise to angiotensin hormone. Due to this increase in this hormone, erectile dysfunction starts and creates problems of not getting erections.


Orgasm reaching would be easy for both men and women after quitting alcohol. 


Benefits in Work Life: 


As drinking alcohol creates restlessness and drowsiness, working with that mood is not possible. Work life becomes hectic and one gets irritated at work with such a mood. Once you quit drinking and start a better life you will get good sleep and no memory issues. Hence the productivity at work would increase.


Benefits in Managing Relationships: 


Managing relationships would be quite easy once you decide to quit. For example, if your loved ones don’t want you to drink alcohol or he/she can’t see you addicted to drinking or don’t want you to get ill afterwards. So quitting will make you sober and help you make your loved ones happy and hence this would give a boost of care and love in your relationships.


Financial Benefits of Quitting Drinking:


Yes, drinking alcohol means you have to spend a lot of money on this. Sometimes people tend to borrow or steal to have alcohol. Due to this addiction they aren’t able to think they just want alcohol. 


So quitting can help to save money for other important things in life like saving money for kids or buying some new things for home or a trip or for future studies.


Do You Need help in Quitting Alcohol:


If you really want to make your life better and quit alcohol and you made a decision to overcome alcohol addiction. With the help of our rehab center Fight Addiction you can do so. 


Many different types of treatments are available at our rehab center with the help of them you can achieve your goal of quitting drinking alcohol.


Addiction Treatments at Fight Addiction:


There are many treatments available :


12 Steps Programs: A 12 step program is available at Fight Addiction. It makes the recovery from alcohol addiction easy.


Inpatient Rehab: Inpatient is a treatment in which an addict has to live in the rehab center for treatment where he can access the programs and therapies which will help him to recover easily.


Outpatient Rehab: Outpatient is treatment in which an addict needs not to live in the rehab center, he is free. He will do all his daily chores with treatment. All the medications would be provided to them.


We hope we have given proper guidance on the benefits of quitting drinking. Still if you need any guidance or help. Please feel free to contact us at (888) 820-7985.


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