Carly Minton’s Sober Story

Carly Minton's Sober StoryName: Carly Minton


Location: Anaheim, CA


Sober Since: 1 Year




Carly Minton has shared us addiction recovery story. Many many Congratulations to her for living sober, Read her full addiction recovery story.


How did your addiction start?


From years of trauma at home when I was younger, I had an absent father, overly controlling mother, and brother who was in and out of jail and an addict himself. I didn’t have the acceptance at home, so I craved it from others, and I started just “going with the flow” rather than being myself, which led me to do pretty much anything to fit in and feel accepted.


What was your experience when you were under the influence of drugs/alcohol?


I did it out of resentment toward others who had hurt me. I was functioning and would use, but still maintain my lifestyle otherwise, so I justified saying it was okay and that I could get away with it while still having others think I didn’t have a problem.



When did you reach the point where you felt its time to fight addiction?


I found out I have HSV, and that made me hate myself more and started bringing me out of sex addiction as I didn’t have the heart to blatantly give that to others, so I turned deeper into drugs. I hated myself. After a while, I started thinking long-term for the first time, and saw what I was doing was only holding me back from getting there. I went to AA for the first time, and the denial about my addictions left me when I walked in that room.


How was your journey towards sobriety?


It’s been rough. It’s a battle against my mind every day. I still miss that lifestyle in ways, but I’m learning to face my problems instead of avoiding them, and I’m creating a new lifestyle where drugs, unhealthy sex, and alcohol serve no purpose.


How does life feel now?


Life is amazing. Every day is leading me closer to a better future, and I’m slowly becoming the person I was always meant to be.


What message would you like to give to people who are struggling with drug/alcohol addiction?


It takes a lot of self-work. It’s not just about cutting out the drugs and alcohol; it’s about working on yourself every day to become who you are. Who you are in your addiction is a mask you wear to blend in. Take that mask off, take away the drugs and alcohol, and figure out who you are deep down. Working the steps helps you to do that.


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