Louise’s Sober Story

Louise's Sober Story

Name: Louise


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How did your addiction start?


I was a gradual build up from age 22 with alcohol and cocaine. Cocaine became the worse problem for me in the year 2011; my alcoholic stepdad had a bleed to brain age 44yr old after a certain time in Queen’s hospital he was sent to the ward for his rehab.


What was your experience when you were under the influence of drugs/alcohol?


I felt relaxation, weight gain, hair loss, stress, paranoid. Risky behavior way too much, shut people out. Control from partner, depression



When did you reach the point where you felt its time to fight addiction?


March 2017


Another breakdown unusual happens in life. I left the job before I was sacked. The left relationship was controlling through money and substance in the end.


How was your journey towards sobriety?


Full of potholes and great support from some services but not from others. Other people tend to be draining when I’m a giver there a lot of taking take takers


How does life feel now?


My recovery journey I feel stable. It’s just the household and nature of the environment, I think could drag me down mentally not to use. Just mentally. It’s an ongoing recovery for the rest of my life.


What message would you like to give to people who are struggling with drug/alcohol addiction?


Be kind to.yourself.


Two men look out — the same prison bars. One sees the mud the other the stars.


Great things take time. x


Thank you, Louise, for sharing your story.


Congratulations on your new journey towards sobriety! If you also want to share your story to us. Click Here

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