Inpatient Vs Outpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehab- Quit Drugs Using Rehab


Someone’s decision of stepping back towards life by getting rid of alcohol and drug addiction can create significant difficulties. Professional and expert help is compulsory for active recovery. Many treatments programs are offered to the patients by rehab centers, but broadly there are two main categories:


  • Inpatient rehab
  • outpatient rehab


These categories are entirely different from one another by price, time, medical oversight and living arrangement. Knowing the difference between both treatment programs will help you decide which type of treatment is best for you.


Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehab


Inpatient Vs Outpatient RehabThe inpatient vs. outpatient rehab differ a lot from one another, but somehow both the programs are designed for substance abuse issues. The fundamental difference between both the treatment is inpatient rehab requires you to reside in the facility’s housing while outpatient rehab allows you to return each day and perform all the daily activities.


The outpatient vs. inpatient also differs in a way that inpatient drug rehab offers you to spend a specified time of life in the center while outpatient rehab is all about giving few hours of a day.


The inpatient vs. outpatient therapy is different by the environment. In inpatient rehab, you are living in a drug-free environment that takes you away from all narcotics. While outpatient rehab is depending on your will power and family support. You are free to live with a family by having medical assistance.


Outpatient Drug Rehab


Outpatient rehab facility is involved in your daily treatment such as counseling, therapies and group session at the facility or clinic. People who choose this treatment program can continue to live in their home as they recover, opening gateways for them to attend their schools, stay on track for the job and taking care of family and kids simultaneously.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Program


The inpatient rehab also known as residential rehab is a program which allows you to live at the clinic or facility. It’s much useful for people who are facing severe drug addiction and alcohol problems. Besides, people suffering from mental disorders should go for that. Living at the rehab center which helps you control all the temptations and cravings you got while quitting drugs. 24/7 professional medical assistance will cope with all the side effects you face.


 Working Difference Of Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Treatment


The treatment of inpatient vs. outpatient therapy having the fundamental difference that makes both the procedures different as:


Living Arrangement


The principal difference between both the treatment program is living at home or clinic. Take your bags and spend all your day in the supervision of experts while the outpatient rehab is seemed to be different as it is the recovery from home.


Medical Supervision


Staying at home will make you dependent on yourself while inpatient rehab differs by providing you with a helping hand all time a day. Day and night in a clinic will give you aid every time while outpatient let you visit the clinic on demand.




Detoxing is one of the primary treatments that are essential when you are going for rehab. But, inpatient drug rehab treatment detox from drugs and alcohol under medical supervision. It makes the withdrawal easy with medical assistance. While individual outpatient rehab detoxing is treating from home — the patient needs to withdraw the drugs with the aid of some loved one.


 Number Of Hours Spent


The hours spent in the inpatient rehab are 24/7 for a month or 60 to 90 days depending upon your recovery. While outpatient rehab is much different from that where the patient is only giving a few hours of a day and visit the clinic a few times a week. Hence, inpatient vs. outpatient is different from one another in hours too.




Every drug addict is not capable of going for inpatient rehab, but outpatient rehab is an affordable treatment that reduces the high cost of inpatient rehab and helps you in quitting drugs.


Connection With Friends And Family


Family bonding and connection is much crucial for everyone. Inpatient rehab has some predefine rules for meeting the family while outpatient is all about freedom, you can comfortably live with friends and family.


 Length Of Program


The length of the inpatient vs. outpatient program is also different. Drug addiction can lead you towards relapse even after several tries. The range of both the inpatient and outpatient rehab is entirely different that depend on how much time you take to recover.


Success Rate


The success rate is useful for both types of programs but it somehow based on your condition too. Outpatient works well for mid addiction while inpatient helps you for severe drug addiction.


What Is Best For You?


Selecting between the inpatient vs. outpatient rehab is challenging. The patient can choose by analyzing the severity of their addiction. Recovery is possible in both the cases, and it starts when you stand up for an addiction program.


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