Samantha Sonntag’s Sober Story

Samantha Sonntag's Sober Story

Name: Samantha Sonntag


Location: Clawson/Michigan


Sober Since: 1 Year




How did your addiction start?


I always had addictive traits, but once my sister died of alcoholism, I gave up on life and death became so real to me I became paranoid I was always dying. I eventually didn’t even care if I died.


What was your experience when you were under the influence of drugs/alcohol?


I couldn’t function on it, and I couldn’t function off it. I eventually in 2015 ended up in 3 rehabs, two psych hospitals, jail twice, and died once.


When did you reach the point where you felt its time to fight addiction?


I left an extremely abusive relationship and was in a lot of pain. We started going through a trial because he tried to kill me and I decided if I didn’t get sober then and feel the feelings I could never get sober and cope with emotions.


How was your journey towards sobriety?


It was beautiful. I went through the hardest year of my life never picking up a drug or drink. I was not going to give him anything else, and that meant my sobriety date!


How does life feel now?


Overwhelming! My story just went national, and it’s giving me a chance to do what I love to do, which is help people.

What message would you like to give to people who are struggling with drug/alcohol addiction?


Always find the blessing in the lesson, ever see the purpose in the struggle. You have to be completely open, honest, and willing, oh and ready! Until you are prepared, you are going to keep fighting against recovery!


Congratulation! We are really happy for your recovery Samantha. If you also have a story like her and want to motivate people to be sober; share your recovery story


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