Sober Stories

Want to share your Sobriety story? Here are the ways how to share it…

Go to the page: , Fill your basic information like your name, your city/state, you are sober since and write your experience. We will publish your story and thousands of people will be motivated by your story.


Be A Fighter. Fight With Addiction. Be Sober…

Morgan Scherer’s Sober Story

Morgan Scherer

Name: Morgan Scherer

Resident: USA

Age: 34 years old

Henrik Chefen Pryds’s Sober Story


Name: Henrik Chefen Pryds

Resident: Copenhagen, Denmark

Age: 61 years old

Jennifer Olson’s Sober Story

Jennifer Olson

Name: Jennifer Olson

Resident: USA

Sober: Since August 12, 2016

Chris Giovanni’s Sober Story

Chris Giovanni

Name: Chris Giovanni

Resident: USA

Jessica Maletski’s Sober Story

Jessica Maletski

Name: Jessica Maletski

Resident: USA

Amber Pearl’s Sober Story

Amber Pearl

Name: Amber Pearl

Resident: USA

Saffron Austin’s Sober Story

Name: Saffron Austin

Resident: USA

Samantha Sonntag’s Sober Story

Samantha Sonntag’s Sober Story

Name: Samantha Sonntag

Sober Since: 1 Year

Louise’s Sober Story

Louise's Sober StoryName: Louise

Resident: USA

Louise’s Sober Story

Carly Minton's Sober Story Name: Carly Minton

Resident: Anaheim, CA

Rhiannon’s Sober Story

Rhiannon's Sober Story

Name: Rhiannon

Resident: USA

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