What Is Drug Withdrawal?


Drug withdrawal symptoms might be physical and psychological. The time duration of both kinds vary, for the first few weeks you only feel physical symptoms, and later you are prone to an emotional or mental disturbance which may last for months. We’ll inform you both the symptoms in the detail as below.


After being addicted to certain drugs for a long time when a person abruptly or suddenly cut down the usage then he/she can experience after-effects which are known as drug withdrawal. The length and intensity of this condition can differ by your immune system and type of drugs you have been consuming.


What Happens When You Stop Consuming Drugs?


Drugs including cocaine, heroin, alcohol, meth, etc. have an extreme effect on our body. Prolonged consumption of drugs like cocaine can result in chronic muscle tension, high blood pressure and anxiety. On the other hand, heroin or morphine badly affects the respiratory system, ignites constipation and fatigue. In simple words, drug abuse can destroy our internal network and kills the addicted person slowly.


When a drug addict tries to quit the intake, then he/she face extreme adverse effects all of a sudden. The body relapses, and it becomes impossible to resist from using those drugs. This is the phase of drug withdrawal from the body that shakes the whole body system.


When you start consuming the drugs, you get an excellent feeling. Drugs give you euphoric vibes, energy and recreational experience at first. You enjoy it to an extent where there is no going back. Over time, the body gets used to these drugs, and your brain relies on these substances to perform its function usually. Now, your body is physically dependent on the medications you have been taking. Recovering from the addiction requires time to adjust the brain and body system back to its drug-free condition.


Symptoms Of Drug Withdrawal:

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

During drug withdrawal, the body will face many unbearable symptoms. Physical symptoms may last for a few days, but that does not indicate that you are not an addict. They usually occur after using tranquilizers or alcohol. However, the emotional or mental drug withdrawal symptoms last for a long time, and they occur after each kind of drug usage.


Following are two phases and their characteristic symptoms when you use drug withdrawal methods:


Physical Symptoms:


  1. Chest: Difficult or massive breathing and chest tightness
  2. Head: Dizziness, laziness, and headaches
  3. Heart: Irregular heartbeat, racing heart, and palpitations
  4. Nausea: Vomiting, stomachaches or diarrhea
  5. Muscles: Muscle pulls, severe pain, and tremors
  6. Skin: Excessive sweating and runny nose


 Mental Symptoms:


  1. Depression: It includes suicidal thoughts, lack of enjoyment, social isolation, and fatigue
  2. Sleeping disorder: Lack of sleep, irregular sleeping pattern
  3. Anxiety: Panic attacks, Anxiety, and restlessness
  4. Cognitive effect: Poor memory, lack of concentration


Extreme Withdrawal Symptoms:


The most dangerous drugs and their excessive usage for an extended period leave the extreme symptoms on the body system. Suddenly quitting tranquilizers or alcohol leads to brain strokes, heart attacks, and seizures. Detox is an effective drug withdrawal method which can minimize the symptoms under expert supervision.


Duration Of Withdrawal Symptoms:


The duration and severity of drug withdrawal symptoms depend on the following factors:


  • The time duration of consuming drugs
  • The quantity of drugs intake
  • Kind of drugs you consume
  • The medical history of an addict


Recovering From Drugs Abuse:


Now, the question is how to remove drugs from the body? The removal of drugs needs experts advises and care. Although many drug withdrawal methods can be practiced at home, they are hard for people who have been struggling with drug addiction for a long time. Due to horrifying symptoms of withdrawal, there are decidedly fewer chances of recovery without professional support.


After a long period of addiction, the body loses the ability to maintain the system. The internal network will be requiring a nutritional replacement, rehydration and complete rest to get back to its original form. The drug withdrawal methods will turn the stable state of body and give you a healthy life, but it takes time. No technique will show results overnight. You have to prepare yourself to go through a tough time to gain your sobriety back.


To reach the optimal stage of health, you have to be patient. It is not possible to go back to a drug-free and healthy life. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate you to live a better life and get rid of drugs abuse. Rehab centers and support groups help overcome drug addiction. They provide a medically supervised detox and aftercare that helps to get through the drug withdrawal symptoms.


Start today and take a step toward living a healthy and drug-free life. If someone around you is under the drug influence, then take them to a right rehab center and make this world a better place to live.


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