Alcohol Addiction | How To Get Clean And Stay Sober

Alcohol Addiction | How To Get Clan And Stay Sober

Alcohol Addiction | How To Get Clean And Stay Sober

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Alcoholism, also known as alcohol addiction is a disease that affects people of all age groups. Research has pointed out that factors like genetics, race, gender, socioeconomic situations are the factors that predispose an individual towards alcohol addiction. Psychological and behavioural factors have a significant role in contributing to alcohol addiction.


It is important to note that alcoholism is a real disease. It can cause drastic changes to the brain and neurochemistry, in a way that the person with alcohol addiction may not be able to control their actions. People usually tend to speak the truth when drunk, as manipulating the statements and twisting the truth requires an alert mind and calculations which hampered when someone is drunk as alcohol slows down metabolism and cognitive processes.


Sometimes alcohol addiction can be difficult to recognize. Unlike drugs, alcohol is easily available and accepted openly in many cultures. It is often a part of celebrations and enjoyment. It is usually a task to tell the difference between someone who likes to have a few drinks and someone with a real problem, as drinking is a part of life for many people and is also readily accepted in the society.


Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction


  • Increased quantity of consumption
  • Lack of “hangover” signs
  • Increased dependence of alcohol to survive the day
  • Lost of contact with reality.
  • Start avoiding contact with loved ones.
  • Changes in peer groups, i.e. preferring the company of people who drink more often.
  • Increase lethargy, depression or emotional issues.
  • Over aggression due to the increase in the levels of testosterone in the body.



Treatment Options For Alcoholism



Treatment Options For Alcoholism
The recovery process for alcoholism is a lifetime commitment. There isn’t a quick fix, and it involves daily care. That’s the reason it is said that alcohol addiction is impossible to cure. Treating alcohol addiction can be complex and challenging. For the treatment to work, the person with an alcohol addiction must want to get sober. Success depends on the person’s desire to quit drinking, and they cannot be forced as forcing can make things worse.



Ways To Get Sober


  • Stay out of risky situations, by avoiding, spending time with someone who is used to heavy drinking.
  • Turn your ways to close friends and family for emotional and moral support.
  • Have some sober friends you can invite for home get-togethers and social events like parties and weddings.
  • Staying busy and occupied by work is also one way to control urges.
  • Start an exercise routine. Regular exercises release brain chemicals called endorphins, which can make you feel good.
  • In times of stress, like loss of a loved one or losing a job, find a sober friend or loved the one you can talk to for support.


“First we stay sober because it is the need of the hour,

Then we stay sober because our mind and body is slowly

 Willing to,

And then finally we stay sober because we want to.”

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