Alcohol Addiction Treatment Guide : How To Detox From Alcohol

How To Detox From Alcohol

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Guide : How To Detox From Alcohol

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Quitting any substance addiction results in withdrawal symptoms which could be extraordinarily intolerable but the recovery from alcohol addiction can be very dangerous and challenging. Extreme reactions in the body and brain when the person gets detoxed from alcohol can be life-threatening.


That’s why the detoxing from alcohol shouldn’t be taken easy or execute without expert medical care. During the recovery from alcohol addiction, the withdrawal symptoms start showing up at different times after you have quit drinking. The symptoms might start after a few hours or after some days when you start the detoxification from alcohol depending on the longevity and severity of addiction.


We are going to discuss the whole process of recovery from alcohol addiction including how to detox your body from alcohol, treatment process, tips and possible side effects of alcohol addiction detoxification.



Recovery From Alcohol Addiction:

Alcohol is a very dangerous addiction that slowly kills our body organs. Alcohol addiction treatment is also a very complicated and lengthy process. The procedure starts with the detoxification of alcohol from the body. Detox is necessary for the people whose body is dependent on alcohol for basic functioning.


It is the beginning of the process which will bring a positive change in the addict’s mind, body, soul and personal life. Getting detoxed from alcohol should be followed by a complete treatment program. Alcohol addiction is a chronic brain disease that needs proper medical treatment and aftercare.



Detoxification Process:

Now moving forward to the question many of you ask that is how to detox from alcohol.

Recovery from alcohol addiction is just not one step. The detoxification is the first and quite complicated step in the long treatment plan. However, the detox can be performed at both outpatient and inpatient facilities under full medical monitoring. Generally, the detoxification of alcohol involves three steps:


    • Intake:
      To understand the situation of the patient, a comprehensive test & examination is held. This step is the assessment of the medical history, psychiatric situation, and severity of drug usage of the patient.


    • Medication:
      The medications are given to patient which mimic the alcohol effects to control the withdrawal symptoms. These medications also provide relief from pain and general target discomfort and other disorders.


    • Stabilization:
      When the patients get detoxed from alcohol, then they undergo psychological and medical therapies that help in getting a balanced body and mind after long term addiction.



Alcohol Detoxification Tips:

Recovery from alcohol addiction is not as easy as it seems. We are sharing some useful detox tips with you; these tips will help you in getting through the detoxification from alcohol in a convenient way.


    • Stay Hydrated:
      How to stay hydrated all day long? Well, by drinking a lot of water will help you in flushing your system quickly. Drink at least ten glass of water and avoid caffeine as much as possible and you can stay hydrated.


    • Skip Events Involving Alcohol Drinking:
      It might seem hard if you are a social person who loves to attend parties. But it can help you a lot if you want to start the detoxification from alcohol. Don’t visit the events where you know you will end up drinking alcohol. Instead of that keep yourself busy in some other activity or game that is alcohol-free.


    • Swap The Alcoholic Drinks:
      Swap the drinks containing alcohol with alcohol-free beverages. You’ll soon develop a taste for other drinks and juices without alcohol, and that will help you in quitting alcohol.


    • Healthy Diet:
      Include nutritious and healthy food in your diet. Do not skip basic meals, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cut off sugar from your diet.


    • Be Active:
      Keep yourself busy with some activity which you love to do. It could either be exercise, gym, cooking, painting, etc.


    • Schedule Routine:
      Go to bed on time and wake up early the next morning. A night of restful sleep will give you a soothing feel and chance to recuperate.


    • Have Supplement:
      Take vitamins regularly to keep your energy level up, mood fresh and your body functioning healthily.


These tips can improve the quality of your life which is compromised due to alcohol addiction. You can follow these instructions home and include them in your daily routine. But for the appropriate alcohol addiction treatment, you need a medically supervised detoxification from alcohol.



Side Effects Of Alcohol Detox:

When a person gets detoxed from alcohol, he should be ready to face the side-effects which are temporary but sometimes unbearable. However, medication and expert care can make detoxification from alcohol easier. But if you are doing a detox at home, it can result in severe withdrawal symptoms which are unbearable. The withdrawal symptoms are harder for those who are long term victim of addiction. Following are the symptoms which are normal during the detox:


  • Anxiety
  • Seizure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • A headache
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Nausea
  • Hallucination


These effects are temporary and vanish after a few weeks but the first few days are very hard.

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