Does Modest Drinking Improve Longevity?

Is Modest Drinking Help To Improve Longevity?

Does Modest Drinking Improve Longevity?

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The effects of alcohol on health vary from one person to another. What is good for one may not be right for the other. And hence, it is essential to have correct information about the kind of alcohol and one’s body as well.


What Research Says?

Research shows that for most people, regular or modest drinking, i.e., one or two drinks a day, can provide some protection against cardiovascular diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and gallstones. It can also have a positive impact on an individual’s psycho-social condition, reducing the risk of rheumatism, arthritis and kidney stones.


Age is one of the essential factors, as alcohol has no protective effects on young people. The protective effect increases with age, and so does the risk of diseases. That means, for men after the age of 40, and women, after menopause. The most significant protective effects of modest drinking are seen in people 60 and older.


What Is Modest Drinking Technique?

A drink or two every day may be OK for one’s health, but increasing the intake may not be as good and definitely may not increase the health benefits. Beneficial effects are noted when one drinks modestly, which can be defined as seven drinks a week for women and ten a week for men.


Does Modest Drinking Help You In Longevity?

Moderate Drinking


The benefits of alcohol vary from one type of drink to another. Red wine, for example, possesses protective qualities that usually the other alcoholic beverages do not. The best and the most significant benefits of alcohol can be derived if one drinks around meal times. It is okay to have a glass of wine with the meal or with a cocktail, but one thing should keep in mind that any alcohol should not be consumed in an empty stomach.


Because when the alcohol reacts with the gastric juices in the stomach, it makes the conditions inside the stomach insanely acidic leading to vomiting and sickness and at the same time affecting the liver adversely.


There is much alcohol in one 312ml glass of beer or cider as there is in one 142 ml glass of wine or one 43 ml glass of spirits.


Helpful Tips

If one wants to be healthy and fit and at the same time enjoy some sips of their favorite alcoholic beverages, then there is more than just drinking a glass of alcoholic drinks a day. Eating well, not smoking, having a protein-rich diet, stabilizing the intake of carbohydrates, drinking at least 5-6 liters of water per day and exercise daily is also crucial for reducing the risk factor.



And at last, to conclude with, for those who do not drink at all, it is generally not necessary for them to drink just because modest drinking is one way of staying healthy. After all, one drinks alcohol typically for pleasure and by personal choice and not for medical reasons.

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