Marijuana Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center


Marijuana Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center

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Knowing About the Marijuana Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center:


Marijuana refers to the extracts of the plant Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica plant and some species commonly known as hemp. It contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) mind-altering compounds as well as other active compounds like cannabidiol, or CBD, that are not mind-altering. These compounds are cannabinoids.


Marijuana is an illicit drug in the United States. There are a lot of Marijuana Addiction Treatment Rehabs. In slang terms, Marijuana is also known as weed, grass, ganja, herb, pot, mary jane, hash, and hashish. It is typically smoked as a hand-rolled (joint) cigarette or a cigar (blunt) can also be smoked with a water pipe (bong) and in vaporizers. Some folks can also consume it by adding it in edibles like pizzas, brownies, brew, or tea.


Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction:


People who are engaged in consuming marijuana for a longer period can show signs and symptoms of:

Lack of motivation
Lack of attention
Increased appetite
Weight gain
Memory issues
Poor coordination
Lack of focus
A person becomes anti-social
Dry mouth
Reckless behaviors
Suicidal Ideation
Red Eyes
Cognitive issues
Lack of problem-solving abilities
Increase in heart rate


Effects of Marijuana Addiction:


Health effects on the body of Marijuana addicts and which ultimately develops a need for Marijuana Addiction Treatment. There can be short term effects and long term effects marijuana which are as follows:


Short Term Effects of Marijuana:


Increase in the risk of stroke
Less reaction time
Increase in risk of heart attacks
Strange behaviors, smelling, hearing, and seeing things.
Unable to distinguish between imagination and reality.
The problem in coordinating things
Severe anxiety
Sexual problems (for males)


Long Term Effects of Marijuana:


1. Respiratory / Breathing Problems:

Respiratory Infections evolve as a person smokes or marijuana for a longer period. It can give rise to lung infections, chronic cough, or diseases which leads to the degradation of the life of an individual.


2. Addiction:

Yes, long term use of marijuana leads to addiction i.e. a person just can’t live without smoking marijuana. He/she becomes addicted to this cannabis Sativa extracts, flowers, and leaves which form marijuana due to the presence of THC, and hence it develops a regular need of taking it.


3. A person’s ability to perform becomes less:
Poor performance in life day to day activities maybe someone who is small in school or college he/she cannot perform.


4. Cardiovascular Disorders:
People with long term use of Marijuana can attract cardiovascular risks as they consume marijuana heart rate increases for certain hours. An increase in heart rate for that time causes heart strokes. This can increase the chances of worst heart conditions in older people.


5. Ill Effects on Mental Health:
It decreases the person’s ability to work in memory-related activities and can cause a lack of motivation.
6. Effect on Child Development:
Women using marijuana at the time of pregnancy can attract the effects on child development i.e. fetus brain development.


Marijuana Addiction Treatment and Recovery:


Marijuana treatment is very similar to the treatment offered for other drugs or alcohol. There are a lot of therapies provided by medical professionals. Maybe there would be no medication required for treatment, but there is a need for a detoxification process that should be safe and supportive.

Doctors use detox as the drug should be eliminated from the body. The medical facilities ensure that a person who is addicted should not hurt himself/herself from addiction treatment. Yes, there can be the availability of medicines in case of severe panic attacks.


After detoxification, at Fight Addiction, we provide different types of treatment choices. There is an option of Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab. Rehabs make it easy for the addicts to overcome an addiction to drugs


Inpatient Rehab:

Inpatient Rehab is a type of program where addiction rehab provides a center for a person to stay. It’s a type of rehabilitation program in which a person gets a 24/7 monitored environment. There comes a complete program of treatment.


Benefits of Inpatient Rehab for Marijuana Addiction Recovery at Fight Addiction:


Below are the benefits of Inpatient Rehab Programs:

Emotional Benefits
Variety of Therapies
Supportive Environment
Psychological Help
Physical Benefits
24 Hours Help
Best attention on health


Benefits of Outpatient Rehab for Marijuana Addiction at Fight Addiction:


Below are the benefits of Outpatient Rehab Programs:

In-budget Treatment – It’s a low-cost way of coming out of the addiction to marijuana as there is no cost of living in the center.

You can keep your schooling or work at the same pace during the time of outpatient programs.

All the household things can be continued without giving a pause at the time of treatment.

There are possibilities where a person can establish support from the community.

There would be a sense of freedom while having an outpatient rehab treatment as the person will not reside in the rehab center.

One would not feel caged.

A person can fully focus on the family during the program.

One can maintain its employment and schedule its work accordingly.


Withdrawal Symptoms of Marijuana:


The following are the withdrawal symptoms appear within a week when a person starts quitting marijuana:

There is a decrease in the appetite experienced by the person quitting the use of drugs.

Due to a decrease in appetite the person may get a considerable loss in weight.

A feeling of restlessness and depression for sometime occurs.

Of Course, after a long term of smoking marijuana, the person can feel the difference in behavior.

There comes a certain type of irritability in a person quitting the drug.

Insomnia, a disturbance in sleeping which makes the person uncomfortable.

Abdominal pain may occur.

A lot of distress, mood swings.

There can be cravings for marijuana.

A lack of energy or motivation occurs.


We hope this blog gave you much more information on marijuana addiction If you are looking for marijuana addiction treatment, please feel free to contact us.

For more queries that reach us at (888) 820-7985, we are here to support you in your decision of quitting any type of addiction.

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